Destination wedding locations

Where’s the Best Destination for Wedding


Written by Angela Strauman


So, you finally got engaged – congratulations! With the wedding coming up, plans need to be made! A little bird told us you’re looking for the best destination for wedding spot – right? Well look no further; we’ve compiled a list of top locations for you, that will offer you some stunning destinations for your dream wedding. From the glamorous life of the party wedding, to the remote, discrete, we’ve got you covered for best destination for wedding locations in the entire world! 

Destination wedding locations

Destination for wedding – Best places to get married

  1. New York, NY – NYC, *cue music* that bustling city, nightlife, where everything is a train/car/limo/horse drawn carriage ride away and can be delivered to you with the press of a button at your door. A little closer to home for some, this can be the perfect destination for wedding location. The night lights light up the sky and you can have that glamorous luxurious view of the city from tall windows – with so many different venue options, NYC caters to those wanting a larger event and to those wanting a smaller, more intimate event. Either way, NYC can be the perfect place for those wanting a trip to NYC and or to live out their best movie dreams.

    NY wedding at the plaza

    wedding at the plaza NY

  2. Egypt – you’ll definitely get that escape you’re looking for in your destination for wedding spot in Egypt. This is a very unique place to get married. With so much history and extravagant sites to see Egypt is definitely one for the books as far as  spectacular wedding locations go. As far as timing goes, we recommend planning your wedding between June and August, as you’ll have the milder summer temperatures. This way, you and your guests can avoid the super hot sun and instead, bask in the glow that is just right and cools down in the evening to get you that luxurious afterparty.

    egypt wedding siwa oasis wedding

    Egypt is coming up strong as one of the best wedding destination locations

  3. South Africa – Picture this – you wake up with the view of a big golden sun on the horizon. You feel a breeze on your face while you are eating breakfast only to look up and see a giraffe standing two feet away from you. With landscapes that will blow your guests away in beauty, elegance, and pure wonder your guests will not only witness your memorable wedding, but experience it on another level. All this could be yours in your destination for wedding spot in South Africa. Seeing as the trip is pretty far, it makes it the perfect spot to have your intimate destination wedding surrounded by your closest family members and friends.
  4. Hawaii – feeling more of a beachy boho vibe for your wedding? Well, Hawaii might be the spot for you. With Hawaii being one of the most beautiful islands of the Pacific ocean, serving expansive beaches, flowers and seashells that look like a page out of a romantic movie, Your wedding is sure to be a breathtaking experience you and your guests will remember for years to come. Also, a plus – Hawaii has beautiful, warm weather all year long, so you can plan your wedding where you want, when you want it and not have to worry so much about factoring in cold weather. 
  5. Miami – If you’re looking for a place to party, Miami might be the spot for you! A hustling and bustling city with hotels overlooking the ocean and beach, Miami is perfect for those looking to get the best of both worlds. Miami’s nightlife, and plethora of restaurants to host your dinner at, boats to serve that wedding party extravaganza, and stunning clubs and venues to party at, your Miami wedding will be the party that never ends. You’ll be the talk of the town, leaving your guests absolutely dazzled. 

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  1. Lake Como – Talk about one of the most elegant, luxurious places to have your destination for wedding spot. Lake Como lies in Northern Italy and spans 28.58 miles – yes you read that right! (That’s almost 30 miles!) It’s one of those places that brings your wedding to the next level of luxory. For those wanting a more intimate wedding and the epitome of elegance, you’re certain to feel like royalty at any number of wedding venues along the lake. Those summer months are the perfect time to host a wedding here, as you’ll likely avoid most of the rain and you are your guests will be able to enjoy the warm air and summer breezes from the lake.  If you’re getting married in Italy, be sure to check out the rules and regulations before you tie the knot.
  2. Iceland – Iceland is an absolutely beautiful place to get married for all couples in love! (And we mean all couples!) From the rolling hills, to the sunny cliffs, and expansive greenery, you’ll feel like you stepped off the plane and into a fairytale. Also, cool fact about Iceland is that it is a country where you don’t actually have to pay to have a document translated if it’s in English. Make sure to check in with your planner to see if you have any specific requests or needs for your destination for wedding spot! Location is so important and Iceland is definitely at the top of our list. 
  3. Aspen, Colorado – If you want a destination for wedding spot that’s a bit closer to home, Colorado should be on your list. Whether it be a beautiful rocky landscape, expansive forests, mountains that touch the sky, Colorado has the backdrop you always dreamed about for your wedding. This location also has so many options for venues, that you can have either that intimate wedding you wanted, or that extravagant party that will fit all of your family and friends! 
  4. Cancun, Mexico – A tropical getaway, perfect for those dreaming of sand and the sound of ocean waves ambiance in the background.  There are plenty of stunning hotels, five star restaurants, beautiful beaches, and more to entertain your guests when they’re not at your party. But for those of you looking for a more off the beaten path, there are some caves that not many know about, providing a perfect location for some superb, one-of-a-kind photos.

    Mexico destination wedding

    Cancun can provide both amazing beaches and resorts alike.


We hope you enjoyed reading through some of our picks for best destination for wedding spots! Looking for more? Check out more photos from our favorite destinations here.