Review From Patricia (Mother of the Bride)

As the mother of the bride, I was fortunate to have an instrumental part in helping my daughter plan her wedding. I knew that, apart from marrying her groom, what was most important to her was the aesthetic of the wedding photographer and the quality of his work. Upon seeing Clane’s portfolio, I knew that the magical dreamscapes he was able to capture and create were exactly what she’d imagined for her day. We were completely enchanted by the other-worldly visions of beauty we found on his site, but I wondered….could he really cast that magic for our daughter and her groom? As it turned out, the answer was a resounding “YES!!”

From the moment we met Clane, he put us at ease with his positive energy and professional demeanor. He helped my daughter and her groom feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process…instructing them on just how to pose for many of the shots, but always coaxing from them a completely natural and genuine interaction with each other. The end results were breathtakingly beautiful. While the stunning location of the ceremony and wedding dinner were on full display, his photographs always allowed the bride and groom to outshine all else. He lead us through the family groupings with an ease and good humor that turned what could have been stressful for a ‘camera shy’ person such as myself into a lovely, completely painless experience.

Clane went far beyond capturing the sublime beauty of the bride, the devotion on the face of her groom, or the joy of family members witnessing the event. His photographs are portals through which we can step back in time and revisit the sweetness of that day…feel the blissful love between the bride and groom…revel in the glory of their union. Our daughter’s wedding was a fairy tale come true, magical and enchanting in every way… And thanks to the supremely talented Clane Gessel, we shall always have the glorious pictures to prove that her dreamlike day had been real!!

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