Review From Emily and Chris

I feel indescribably fortunate to have benefited from the artistic and discerning eye of the incredibly talented photographer Clane Gessel. As a bride-to-be, I had quickly determined that my highest priority would be securing a remarkable wedding photographer to adequately capture the beauty, love, and importance of what would surely become my most precious memories. One look at Clane’s website, and I was hopelessly drawn in – the breathtaking quality of his romantic imagery would not leave my mind! Needless to say, I was ecstatic when he agreed to shoot our special day.

Ours was a very intimate, elegant wedding (8 guests at Auberge du Soleil in Napa), and Clane fit in perfectly. The moment he arrived, as I was in a flurry of final preparations, he was able to put me instantly at ease; I knew I was in good hands. Clane definitely has a wonderful way with people. Every moment I spent with him was both confidence-inspiring and genuinely delightful. He was open to our ideas and requests but just as easily took charge when needed; my husband and I loved how he could so effortlessly (and literally) mold us into picture-perfect models. Truly, he was just a fun, friendly person to be around and enhanced our experience of the day. For example, when my husband mentioned that he’d fairly recently gotten into photography, Clane immediately handed over his newest camera and showed him all of the new features and let him play with it – who does that?! Clane did.

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