galia lahav wedding dress

Galia Lahav Haute Couture Bridal – The Art of the Galia Lahav Wedding Dress

Galia Lahav is an Israeli-based wedding dress designer who makes dramatically romantic gowns for brides. She is known for her intricate embroidery, beading, and ethereal trains. The Galia Lahav wedding dresses are known as the essence of haute couture. Every bride who chooses to wear a Galia Lahav wedding dress are known as women of class who loves to embrace their femininity. She is someone who would love to be under the spotlight for her style, attire and opulence.

galia lahav wedding dress

Galia Lahav wedding dress at Vizcaya Museum in Miami

Recognized all over the world, Galia is known as one of the most prestigious designers for her unique and luxurious evening gowns and bridal dresses. Her dresses depict the style of modernism and can be found at the most famous wedding dress shops, including Klienfeld in New York. Her designs emphasize the smallest of details; the quality of the stitching, the thread work, mesh open lace “illusion” backs, intricate full sleeves, and more. The fabric used by her is imported from Europe.

galia lahav wedding dress

How happy is this bride in her Galia Lahav wedding dress??

After a while of looking at them, the Galia Lahav wedding dress will become easier and easier to spot.  The design is so distinctive and the styles break the norm of the traditional wedding dress. No matter what dress you’re looking at, Galia Lahav’s wedding dress style looks gorgeous on every woman who wears them.

galia lahav wedding dress

A Galia Lahav wedding dress shows off your true beauty

Every Groom’s Weakness

Wedding dress are probably every groom’s weakness.  Seeing your beautiful bride in this once-in-a-lifetime wedding dress can be overwhelming, sacred, and fun all at the same time.  During the first look of most of our couples, we give them a few minutes after initial photos to spend time together and enjoy the moment.  Consistently, grooms are overwhelmed by the way their beautiful bride looks on their wedding day.  If you scroll through the designs of Galia Lahav’s wedding dresses then you would understand the overwhelming feeling.  Who doesn’t love a wedding dress that is covered in intricate beading and is made up of an exquisite fabric?  Each Galia Lahav wedding dress is designed to look like they’re custom made for each bride’s body.

After laying your eyes on the latest collection of her dresses for 2019, you will be obsessed.  The styles are so vastly different yet all carry an underlying theme and break the mold of the traditional wedding dress.  Once you get your eyes on her latest collection, it is a guaranteed fact that you’ll want to see how they fit on your body.  With her designs in stores across the country, it should be easy to find a store near you that carries Galia Lahav wedding dresses.

wedding dress illusion back galia lahav

Galia Lahav wedding dress – Illusion back

Victorian Affinity

The Galia Lahav wedding dress collection from 2019 came out at Bridal Fashion Week in New York City.  The dresses are simply stunning and truly celebrate the female body.  Feminine and exquisite silhouettes, detailing with sublime lace, and celebrating each woman’s style definitely gives each bride goddess vibes.   It’s no wonder Galia Lahav wedding dresses have made such a splash on the US and international wedding markets in the past decade.  It’s impossible for anyone to ignore designs that are so beautifully made.

The dresses themed as the “Victorian Affinity” are inspired by the Victorian era, the most outstanding era of England along with its parallel French phase “LE Belle Epoque”. This time period has been categorized as the one where different changes and innovations had taken place in various fields and the industrial revoltion. This collection has been dedicated to the one and only Jeanne Margaine Lacroix. She is a designer who has challenged the Victorian style, she brought about a change in the way we see women and gave a totally different perspective about femininity.  Her other collections for 2019 include Ivory Tower, Le Secret Royal and Florence by Night.

galia lahav wedding dress

Check out the back of this Galia Lahav wedding dress

Emphasis on the Details

Galia Lahav wedding dresses have become known for one thing – attention to detail. A great amount of work is put into every single wedding dress. The color scheme of the dresses is comprised of all the soft colors which include porcelain ivory, washed pinks, dusted silver, cream and smoky blush. For an added touch of romance and femininity and beauty to the dresses, textured laces and deep colored secondary colors are used. Careful attention is given to the detailing portion of each Galia Lahav wedding dress.  This can be seen by the addition of crystals, sleeve openings, dress bottom and the design and detachable elements.  The Victorian style carries a solid theme through these details.

galia lahav black and white

Galia Lahav couture – black and white photos look great with Galia’s dresses

The design of Galia Lahav wedding dresses is delicate and stunningly beautiful by nature, inspired to let the feminine spirit of each bride truly shine through. The collections are made by a woman, for women, with the message of “you are beautiful”.  There are wedding dress designers out there whose styles all look the same.  Each Galia Lahav wedding dress truly depicts a story of its own.  The dresses are not for every budget, they tend to be higher priced than most other designers.  Dresses start at about $2,500 and go up to $35,000 or even higher for custom designs.

galia lahav wedding dress

A custom Galia Lahav wedding dress can run upwards of 35,000$

Motto Behind Her Dresses

Galia believes in the power of beauty and love- it’s the motto behind her collections. Her scintillating designs and unique style have had a huge effect in the world of wedding dress couture.  There are around 1,000 embroidery designs that go into creating one final look, and more than 10,000 threads used to create the resulting gown.  This extravagant design can be seen and prove that Galia Lahav wedding dresses are anything but modest.  The motto is to empower women to help them feel beautiful about their body.  Each woman wearing a Galia Lahav wedding dress is saying that she loves herself and breaks the mold of the traditional wedding day with the long sleeves, intricate designs and illusion backs.

illusion back wedding dress

Illusion backs and fronts are great for brides that want to show off their assets.

It’s clearly evident that Galia wants every woman who wears her dresses to believe that she is the queen.  For more info on where and how to get your hands on one of these stunning Galia Lahav wedding dresses, view their website here.

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Article by Clane Gessel Photography