A Bora Bora Wedding: The Ultimate Wedding Destination Location!

Bora Bora Weddings

The clear waters and coral reefs make the perfect background for a Bora Bora wedding.

There are a seemingly infinite number of incredible places to get married in the world. You can choose to say “I do” in the bustle of a big city, in a summery vineyard, surrounded by snowy mountains in the wintertime, or in the fall as the sun is setting, with the leaves turning. But nothing quite beats the white sand and clear waters of a beach destination wedding, especially on the iconic and gorgeous island of Bora Bora. We think that Bora Bora is one of the best places to tie the knot. This Polynesian island is ranked one of the topmost beautiful islands in the entire world! We’ve compiled a list of reasons why this tropical paradise is the perfect secluded spot for getting married! 

Bora Bora Weddings

Another perk of a Bora Bora wedding is the variety of indoor or outdoor locations to say “I do.”

A little about Bora Bora 

Many people don’t know that Polynesian weddings only became legal and recognized in North America in 2010, so not only is this secluded, but it’s a rare and unique opportunity to get married! The main languages that are spoken by people on the Island are French and Tahitian, but don’t worry because many locals speak English since it’s a popular tourist spot. There are around 9000 locals living on the island and preserving the culture. They have traditional songs and dances for the island, and they love to share their culture with the visitors. You can grab a flight from Toronto or Los Angeles to Tahiti, then take a short 45-minute flight to the tropical paradise. Bora Bora is famous for its bungalows situated above the clear waters, which creates a surreal experience. So if this sounds like your dream wedding then a Bora Bora wedding is definitely something you should consider! Here are five reasons why Bora Bora is the ultimate destination wedding location.

Bora Bora Weddings

A couple walking on the beach after their Bora Bora wedding.

1. You’re completely isolated from the world 

Bora Bora is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean that is part of French Polynesia.  It measures just under 12 miles in diameter, which is perfect if you want to unplug and have some alone time on your wedding weekend. If you want to be isolated from all the distractions and busyness at home, this is your go-to spot. Bora Bora is surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef—one of the most vibrant and unique in the world. And another thing: Bora Bora has no roads. It’s a completely different world to experience and explore. You’ll also notice two big mountain peaks in the center of the island. Those are remains from an extinct volcano!

2. There are tons of activities! 

From parasailing to scuba diving off your over-water bungalow porch, there are so many fun tropical activities to consider and explore. If you like outdoors, try snorkeling, a Jet Ski tour, yachting and kiteboarding along the Pearl of the Pacific. Other land adventures include hiking and a jeep tour of the island. If you’re feeling really daring, you can get your scuba diving license, or even try a shark water safari! For more relaxing activities, sailing, swimming, and sunbathing are great options!

Bora Bora Weddings

Consider a Bora Bora wedding for a casual, beachy, boho wedding look.

3. You have a great range of choices for your wedding 

For all-inclusive options, choose between The Four Seasons, The Ritz Carlton and Intercontinental Thalasso. From a lush, secluded motu to Aherenoa Chapel, perched on the edge of one of a crystalline lagoon, you have dozens of options for a ceremony location as well. Want to get married along the coral beach or on a small nearby island aboard a catamaran? Great. Want to stay inside and get married in a quaint Polynesian wedding chapel and leave the sunbathing to after the wedding? That works too, and there are so many options for both indoors and outside. Another perk is that many of the resorts throughout the islands have wedding chapels so you don’t have to worry about transportation. All-inclusive packages are available, and wedding planners will help you organize every single detail of the big day months in advance. 

Bora Bora Weddings

Great weather and a tropical climate make Bora Bora the perfect wedding destination.

4. It’s perfect for a smaller, intimate gathering

If you’re looking for a private gathering of your closest friends and family, this is the perfect destination for you. There tend to be fewer guests at destination weddings, so if you’re looking to spend some quality, unplugged time with those closest to you, Bora Bora will be just what you need. You’ll spend quiet days relaxing along the water with the people who mean the most to you, without distractions and the bustle of city life, and you can really cherish the moments surrounded by the important folks who are there to share your special day with you and your soon-to-be! 

Bora Bora Weddings

For a romantic secluded wedding, Bora Bora is a great wedding destination.

5. What better place to start a blissful honeymoon retreat?! 

Bora Bora offers a romantic and relaxing newlywed honeymoon as well. Picture waking up in your luxury resort or in a private water bungalow and heading right outside your door to a pristine white coral beach, or taking a boat to a small nearby island. Relax in the spa services with your partner or try some beach activities. You and your beau can rent a bicycle or a small buggy to explore the quaint town. There are art galleries to explore, traditional shops, and jewelry shopping for the exotic gem known in the area: the black pearl.

Bora Bora Weddings

The incredible sunsets on the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora make it perfect for wedding photos.

The only downside is that it can get a little pricey, but you have money to splurge why not get married in Bora Bora? The philosophy is “aita pea pea” which means “not to worry”—the perfect mentality for a relaxing wedding atmosphere and vacation. Soak up the sun, relax in your bungalow, and take in a spa service to chill out before the ceremony or on your honeymoon. The best time to travel is in May, when the weather is great but the chance of rain is lower because it’s in the dry season. Just make sure to obtain all the documents and paperwork because it can take up to 3-5 months, so make sure you plan ahead for your dream Bora Bora wedding!  If you’re getting married in Bora Bora and want beautiful wedding photography like you see here, be sure to contact us today and we’d be honored to shoot your wedding!

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Article by Clane Gessel Photography