Your Wedding, Your Way.  Define Your Wedding Style

Everything you do that leads to your big day helps define your wedding style.  From the venue and location of your nuptials, to the dress and guest count, everything speaks to your personalities.  I’ve got a strong belief that the best wedding photos happen when my couples are being their truest selves.  It’s why I always tell my couples “It’s your wedding, not my photo shoot”.  But how do you define your wedding style?  What tweaks can you put in to make your wedding uniquely you?  Defining your wedding style can be one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of your big day.  Whether it’s traditional, romantic, contemporary, glamorous, opulent or timeless, we’re here to help you define your wedding style and visualize your dream wedding.

define your wedding style

Defining your wedding style can take the photos from good to great

Visualize the Wedding –

When learning about my couple’s personalities, I always ask how they want to feel when they view their wedding photos.  A better way to ask this is to ask how they’d see their wedding photos with their eyes closed.  Tell me the emotion you see in your images.  Are they more romantic and modern?  Or timeless and opulent?  Do you see more black and white, or more vivid color?  What emotions do you want to feel when looking through them?  I use these words when shooting and editing the wedding.  Each couple gets their own unique algorithm when editing, I work in the feeling you want into each image in this way.

Hawaii wedding style

Destination weddings have a different style than weddings on your home turf

Define your style –

There are a lot of ways to define your style.  I ask for each couple’s Pinterest and Instagram when trying to define their style.  Asking how they would view their dream home also helps, inspiration can be defined by how the couple view their lives.  I’d recommend integrating the style of the dress, the venue, the city and location, and even the wedding colors into the style of the couple.  There are many factors that help sort this out.  Defining your wedding style is more about telling a story, and all of these things about you speak to that.


wedding details

Defining your wedding style through details

Define your love – 

How do you two love each other?  Are you spending every spare minute with each other?  Or do you enjoy your time apart?  Where are your vacations, where is your honeymoon?  How a couple spends their time together, and what they do during that time speak to the personality. To help define your wedding style, start to think about how you’d define your love.


Ameliorating style differences –

Oftentimes the bride and groom have differences in style.  This is perfectly normal, two individuals must remain themselves throughout the wedding process and the duration of their lives.  Bring what individualizes you into the wedding.  The style can be incorporated for one as much as both.  We ask each couple to fill out a questionnaire before we work with them to see what we can do to bring these personalities together in a seamless way.


wedding pinterest board

Use pinterest and pin your favorite wedding images, this will help define your wedding style

Trends in the market –

Trends in the market can influence your wedding style.  Pay attention to trends that are fading, ones that are growing, and which ones speak to you.  It might help to have a third person look over your wedding Pinterest or Instagram and tell you what trends they see.  Asking someone who isn’t as invested in the wedding as you can really help take the emotional ties out, revealing the true style underneath.


Keep it in Perspective – 

It’s best to start early when trying to define your wedding style.  It can be overwhelming, but try limiting yourself to working on it only one or two nights a week.  Your wedding is your best day ever, but don’t go crazy stressing out over things that you can’t control.  There are so many things that can make your wedding day great!  Challenges can arise, but keeping it in perspective and remembering that everyone is there for you, and that you’re there for everyone, helps realize the true meaning of the day.


Wedding style photography

Picking your favorite images and three words will help define your wedding style. What words do you see in this picture??

If you have any questions, we’re here to help!  Be sure to contact us today to set up your consultation.

Article by Clane Gessel Photography