best nyc wedding photography

Best NYC Wedding Photography Locations – Top Venues for Wedding Photography in New York City

From Brooklyn to Manhattan, Queens to the Bronx, and yes.. even Staten Island, New York City is a beautiful place to get married.  Choosing the best NYC wedding photography location for you can be tricky, especially if your wedding photography is all located in the same spot.  NYC has some of the world’s best wedding venues, without a doubt.  We cover some of the best spots to shootin NY in a different article.  In this one, we’re going to embrace the beauty of the city and focus on some of the best venues for NYC wedding photography.

best nyc wedding photography

Best NYC wedding photography locations

The Plaza NYC

This is a no-brainer.  Clearly one of the oldest and most iconic hotels, this NY wedding photography location is a place every bride should consider.  They offer top-notch service, rooms for your guests, and locations to some of the best NY photography locations including Central Park.  If it’s a busy weekend in New York City, it’s close enough to the subway that your guests can stay at a nearby hotel.  The subway is a convenient way to get to The Plaza as well.  The Plaza typically book at least a year out, so be sure to call them and check your availability today!

The Plaza NYC wedding photographer

Weddings at the Plaza NYC

Best NYC wedding photography - The Plaza

Cocktail hour space at The Plaza in NYC

Cipriani Wall Street

An amazing downtown location nestled indiscreetly in Wall Street’s towering buildings, this venue is one-of-a-kind.  It’s known for its white glove service and world-class menu. Cipriani has a huge amount of space so that guests can easily transition from the ceremony to the cocktail hour then back to reception.  Cipriani doesn’t have a hotel attached, so your guests will need to stay somewhere nearby.  This shouldn’t be a problem with the nearly hundred hotels in downtown Manhattan.

Transportation might be an issue, as Wall Street tends to be a very busy part of town with narrow streets.  It’d be advisable to have your guests stay somewhere nearby so they could walk to the venue.  Cipriani is also an amazing year-round venue, offering the same world-class service no matter the temperature outside.  Many couples want their winter wedding here just for that reason.  The decor of Cipriani means you don’t need to dress it up too much.  Having a lighting package is optimal, as the bride and groom should stand out against the amazing background.

weddings at cipriani wall street

Cipriani Wall Street wedding ceremony setup

cipriani wall street wedding

A jewish wedding ceremony at Cipriani Wall Street

The Olympic Club NYC

The Olympic Club has branches around the country, but the NYC venue is truly one-of-a-kind.  They offer multiple rooms and floors for your guests, along with amazing service and catering options.  The club is private, which is great because it means no one can just wander in off the street and accidentally pop into your wedding, as can happen with some of the hotels downtown.  They also have a ‘no cell phone’ policy, which is great for brides that want an unplugged wedding.

The Olympic Club have some pretty strict rules, which can serve as both a benefit and a drawback for couples.  Membership is required because it is a club, but the fees you pay annually as a member cover some of the room usages. The space inside is absolutely stunning, it doesn’t need to be dressed up.  Adding decor and design to your package can help create conversation pieces for your guests.

olympic club wedding nyc

Best wedding photography locations include the Olympic Club NYC


The William Vale

This new hotel in Brooklyn is truly a gem.  It’s far from the subway lines, so it’s advisable that your guests stay on premises or close by, but it offers a few things that venues in the city can’t.  The most noticeable difference is the open-air rooftop and views of Manhattan, it’s arguably the best place in New York to get married with the skyline.  They offer a glass fence, so your guests will be able to enjoy the entire view, even while seated.

The William Vale offers a stunning reception area directly underneath the outdoor ceremony location. Also included is a great view and glass windows from floor to ceiling.  Your guests can enjoy a cocktail before and after the ceremony at this location and stay warm while watching sunset in the summer or snow in the winter.  They also offer a ballroom in the basement in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

nyc best wedding photography

The William Vale – one of the best wedding photography locations in NYC

The Pierre New York

The Pierre is truly a luxury venue all its own and no list of the best NYC wedding photography locations would be complete without it.  It’s greatest competition might be The Plaza, but after a closer look, you’ll see they’re completely different wedding venues.  The Pierre is huge and can host more than 300 guests (200 guest minimum).  The Cotillion Room is offered at no extra charge, but the cost of $300 per guest does not include gratuity or 22% service fee.  The treat their guests like royalty though, The Pierre offers two nights in the bridal suite, for their brides, free of charge, plus one evening for the groom.

Top wedding photographers nyc

The Pierre NYC wedding photography

When deciding on a wedding in New York, the location greatly determines where you can shoot and how to make the wedding day schedule.  If you’re getting married in Brooklyn, it doesn’t make too much sense to want your photos in Central Park, as it would take at least 45 minutes to get up there.  Consider also that’s only if all the trains are running on time!  A wedding at The Plaza is much closer to Central Park and would be a much better choice for wedding photos in Central Park.  The images shot here are all corresponding to the venues.  We’re happy to offer more advice, so feel free to reach out with any questions.  If you recently got engaged, congrats!  We’d be honored to be a part of your wedding.  Please drop us a line on our contact form to start your wedding experience.

Article by Clane Gessel Photography