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“What Wedding Style Am I?”  

Written by Angela Strauman

Define your wedding style - rustic, boho, city, beach, or beyond.

Define your wedding style – rustic, boho, city, beach, or beyond.

“What Wedding Style Am I?”  It sounds like a question right out of a Dr. Suess book, right? Theodor Geisel, the actual name of the author of the Dr. Suess books, would be rolling in his grave somewhere at the thought of wedding styles titled, “What Wedding Style Am I?”..although, he was a political cartoonist as well, so, maybe he’d be into that sort of thing. Who knows. Anyway, back to the point. Goodness, I feel so rude! Hello! Congratulations on your engagement! Getting married really is such a big step and a pretty big life event, at that. For some of you, maybe you have been planning your wedding for your entire life and you are totally prepped and ready for anything your wedding day throws at you. For those type A wedding planner brides, I say this: great job! Good for you! Keep up the great work and make sure to let your wedding planner help you on the actual day – it’ll make your day much easier to enjoy! 


(If you’re looking to read more about why you should hire a wedding planner – click here to read our thoughts on that.)


Now, for those reading this and saying… “Oh no…I just got engaged…I don’t even know where to begin, what wedding style am I?” This article is definitely for you. No need to worry about wedding style any longer; we’ve got a list just for you, of different styles of weddings so you can start figuring out the answer to that seussified question “What wedding style am I?” 


Here are a few of our favorite styles:


  1. Destination Wedding – Do you love traveling the world, want to connect with your loved ones in a different location, or want a unique wedding that is unlike anything you’ve seen before? Well then a destination wedding could be exactly the right fit for you. Usually, destination weddings are more of an intimate experience. We say this because a larger distance of travel is involved, so, not everyone will be able to make it to your special day due to finances or busy schedules. This smaller, more intimate experience for you and your guests in a far away land can be absolutely magical and something out of a storybook. Also, having a smaller number of guests allows you to really connect and make thoughtful and meaningful memories with those people you love. We’ve done weddings all over the world, and can say with 100% confidence that when we ask ourselves “What wedding style am I?” The Destination Wedding is most certainly at the top of our lists. 
destination wedding style

petra wedding – destination wedding – top wedding destinations

  1. Boho Beach Wedding – Another answer or option for your very personal question of “What wedding style am I?” could be a boho beach wedding! There are SO many beaches in the world  – and this style sort of goes along with travel and could be a destination wedding as well, but we wanted to give it its own category because let’s face it, beaches are awesome. Sinking your toes into the sand, dreamy warm weather, palm trees swaying in the breeze, the ocean gently brushing the shore- you and your guests will remember your wedding as peaceful and elegant, and oh so much fun. Something we would recommend remembering to bring is sunscreen! It’s no fun to be burnt while saying “I do”…have we experienced this? Maybe….have we seen this? Most certainly. Maybe, just maybe you should avoid getting those natural suntan lines this time around. We’re trying to save you from being the lobster-downer of the wedding day. Anyway, if this peaceful, relaxing, elegant event sounds like you, then a Boho Beach Wedding is definitely for you. ​​What can we say? We love the beach. 


  1. City Wedding – If the beach vibe isn’t for you, let’s try a different view – (Just call me Dr. Suess, coming in with the rhymes). Picture this – city lights illuminate the sky, nightlife with the hustle and bustle, extravagant venues to choose from, the best of the best in the industry, a city wedding is on the horizon. With so many activities and things to do in the area, you, your significant other, your guests, and your wedding party can go out and do exactly that, party! From nightclubs, to bars, to museums, to brunch spots, to workout classes, the city has so many incredible amenities and views to offer, you’ll have options to choose from to entertain your guests; as well as slip away for that midnight kiss before heading off to the pumpkin together to head for the that sweet, sweet, honeymoon! Because it’s a city and there are lots of venues to choose from, you can have an intimate or extravagant wedding, it seems like anything you want you can get here. Your city wedding will certainly light up the sky! A note to think about when considering a city wedding is traffic and parking – make sure you plan ahead for this.  The benefit to city weddings is there are plenty of options for ballrooms and churches, indoor spaces that are great regardless of time of year or weather.  Just like The Plaza wedding featured here – 
Plaza wedding style

Weddings at The Plaza offer a unique city style

  1. Rustic Wedding – Still wondering about that question of “what wedding style am I?” Well we’ve got yet another option for you, and that is a rustic wedding. This style of wedding is unlike any of the first three. For a rustic wedding, think farmhouse, close to home, intimate or extravagant, where old time romance meets modern day family. Family is so important in many of the rustic style weddings we’ve seen and we’ve been lucky enough to witness quite a few of the perfect farmhouse weddings. These weddings are oftentimes some of our favorites because they can be so much fun with barn dances and celebrations and all of the extended family joining in! Something cool you may want to consider, is that many times the ceremony for a rustic wedding will be outside, but the party after will be inside. So, for those of you looking for the best of both worlds with an indoor and outdoor wedding in one, a rustic wedding may be the perfect answer for your “what wedding style am I?” question.  Check out this example of Cedar Lakes Estate‘s beautiful rustic boho wedding – 
Cedar Lakes Estate offers a rustic wedding style

Cedar Lakes Estate offer a great rustic style not far from New York City

With four incredible options, we hope we’ve given you a little bit of insight and maybe even an answer to that question “what wedding style am I?” There’s no need to panic or worry, if you still are thinking you need guidance or want some extra help – read our article on why you should hire a wedding planner! In the meantime, ask yourself one more time, “what wedding style am I?” Guess what? You’re closer to the answer and closer to one of the most exciting events in your life. 


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