Unique Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Ideas: Eye-Catching Ideas for Your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

wedding flower girl and ring bearer

Take your wedding to another level with the help of your flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s)

The main focus of a wedding ceremony is undeniably the moment “Here Comes the Bride” starts to play, when all eyes are on the lovely lady in white. But that doesn’t mean the minutes leading up to that unveiling scene—to procession of the bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer—should be counted as less important. Aside from being downright adorable, the flower girl and ring bearer set the tone for a cheerful and charming bridal entrance, so you want to make sure you choose wisely when selecting your unique flower girl and ring bearer ideas. Things to keep in mind include the child’s age, personality type, maturity level and ability to follow instruction. The last thing you want is a disobedient, rambunctious ball of mischief distracting guests from your coming down the aisle.


The real fun begins once you’ve decided on your flower girl and ring bearer. There’s deciding what to have them wear and carry and how you want them to walk down the aisle. Here are a few of our favorite unique flower girl and ring bearer ideas to help get you started.

For the flower girls:

Beautiful bride and flower girl

Take time to add unique details to your flower girls

A tisket, a tasket, a beautifully decorated basket.

Baskets are perfect for holding flower petals, but they don’t have to be boring and traditional – don’t be afraid to get creative. Are you a rustic bride? A wire basket can be transformed into something that matches your style with some burlap fabric and floral appliqués. Maybe your wedding is a bit more glamorous: We love this bejeweled satin basket from Lucy Bridal Boutique.


Make her feel like a princess with a crown.

Whether it’s a crown of flowers, ribbon or a classic tiara, giving your flower girl a crown will make her feel like she’s being given the royal treatment. A few of our favorites include: a sparkly rhinestone reversible headband and this tiara comb from Bling by Michele Renee.  Talk to your florist about using your flower choices to construct a loose crown. Or, you can always go DIY and make your own floral crown with a little help from Bleubird Vintage.


Swingable decorations

Kids are at their cutest when they don’t have to be rigid and can move around freely. Giving your flower girl something she can swing around while making her way up the aisle is sure to bring smiles not only to your guests, but also to the little one herself. Whether it’s a pomander flower ball, or a flower ribbon wand, swingable decorations are interactive, exciting and entertaining.


“Here Comes the Bride” sign

If you have more than two flower girls, this idea’s for you. A “Here Comes the Bride” sign can easily be made for the girls to carry down the aisle together, side-by-side, signaling your arrival. Tip: Before you pick out what kind of sign you’d like to have, make sure it’s made out of something that’s light enough for them to carry.


For the ring bearers:

male wedding ring bearer

Draw attention to your ring bearer by adding stylish details


Boys can wear accessories, too! Hats, shades and a little bit of style can go a long way for your ring bearer. Whether it’s a top hat, cowboy hat, fedora or even a baseball cap, hats are a great option for casual weddings. And, like a crown does for a flower girl, a pair of shades is sure to make your ring bearer feel like a pretty big deal. Lastly, try to make your ring bearers style to that of the groomsmen. He is just as much a part of the bridal party as they are, so aim for matching attire if possible.

Get creative with ring holders

wood wedding ring holders

Handmade or personalized ring holders can add character and compliment the ring bearer.

Your options for ring holders are endless. Even the traditional pillow can be souped up and personalized in just about any way. But beyond the pillow, there are many more possibilities. Here are a few items you might not have realized can be used as ring holders, matched with a couple who might find that item appealing:


Ex.) Type of couple – Item

Literary – Tied inside your favorite book

Sports fans – Placed inside your favorite team’s ball cap or tied around a sporting item (baseball, basketball, hockey puck, etc.)

Political – Placed inside a “secret service” lockbox

Foodie – Placed inside of a decorated lunchbox, or favorite cookbook

Beachy – Tied around a large seashell or starfish

Coffee/tea lovers – Placed inside a vintage coffee mug/saucer combo


Ring holders can also be personalized based on what season your wedding will take place in. Rings can be tied around a pumpkin for a festive fall wedding; Christmas ornaments and pinecones are great for winter; A birdcage or moss-covered piece of wood can signal the fresh hope of spring, and a handmade paper flower works well for the full summer bloom.

Fetch your fido (or feline)

beautiful bride and grooming carrying pet ring bearer

Your pet can be a unique ring bearer alternative

For those who have a close relationship with their pet, there is a way to include them in the wedding! Now … this one probably will require a little bit of training on your part, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be OK.


1) Make sure your venue and guests are aware that a pet will be present.

2) Make sure the pet is in the care of someone they are familiar with on the day of the wedding.

3) Make your pet feel comfortable with the venue by taking them there before the actual ceremony.


If you have any questions, we’re here to help!  Be sure to contact us today to set up your consultation.

Article by Clane Gessel Photography