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Top 7 Wedding Destinations in Italy

Deciding where to have your wedding is a process. A destination wedding is a wonderful choice! Considering a venue you’ve never been to can be tricky especially if it’s out of the country. Don’t stress. For the couple considering tying the knot in Italy, we’re here to help. Check out our top seven wedding destinations in Italy for some great options of where to have your special day! Use our guide to choose which wedding destination is for you. 

Drone wedding photography of a couple in lake como italy

Destination wedding in Lake Como – Top Wedding destinations in Italy

1. Amalfi Coast Destination Wedding 

One concern many brides, grooms, partners, and couples take into consideration is the safety of having their wedding overseas. I get that.  It turns out that the Almafi Coast is one of the safest places to get married in Italy.  In the Amalfi Coast, the water is drinkable, the crime rate is low and there aren’t health issues. This means you feel safe, your guests feel safe, and the focus will be solely on your stunning wedding. Your Amalfi Coast wedding will be framed by the exquisite cliffs and the sparkling Mediterannean sea.

You will treasure your wedding photos forever. So, it’s no question why Amalfi Coast is the top of our top seven wedding destinations in Italy! Be it Positano, with its cascading cliffs that run into hillside; Ravello, for panoramic views that once inspired Wagner to write his most famous opera ‘Parsifal’; the Concca dei Marini, for the lemon orchards; or the Grotto dello Smeraldo, a famous emerald green cavity; the Amalfi Coast offers an array of colors to contribute to bringing your wedding dreams to life. 

2. Rome Destination Wedding 

If you are a history buff or love that historical Baroque and Agustan architecture look, Rome could be one of the top seven wedding destinations in Italy for you! Some of our favorite grand historical churches to get married in such as St. Peter’s Basilica, Santa Maria in Tempulo, and the Basilica di Santa Sabina All’Aventino. Some churches only conduct a certain number of marriages per year. Because of this, you may need to apply in advance. No last-minute elopements are available. The application process is simple, but we recommend you start the paperwork as soon as you’ve put Rome on your list as this is a very popular city to tie the knot.

The beauty is well worth the effort. Not to mention the incomparable food, the 28 centuries of history, and the impeccable architecture will create the atmosphere you have been dreaming of since you were little. Oh, one more thing! If you’re craving that elegant history look, check out the Castello di Tor Crescenza! How many people can say that they got married in a castle?!  Out of all these beautiful Italian wedding locations, Rome has the most, there are even websites dedicated just to Rome destination weddings with a list of venues, you can view that site here.

rome destination wedding

Rome is a beautiful place to get married

3. Venice Destination Wedding 

So you’ve dreamed of having a romantic gondola ride with your fiance? Venice should DEFINITELY be on your list! Sail along the water and steal a kiss. Venice has fantastic food to shove in your partner’s face, and dreamy sunsets, Venice is the perfect venue for your wedding. There are tons of places to take stunning pictures in wedding attire and even more places to eat. Just make sure you plan for a lot of walking and boat transportation, because there are basically no cars, and you’ll probably end up walking a lot and taking a water taxi or some other form of boat transportation! Talk about a top seven wedding destination in Italy, Venice is a fantastic place to get married!

4. Lake Como Destination Wedding

Lake Como has been an attraction for aristocrats, celebrities, and the prestigious for YEAAARSSS. Recently named the most beautiful lake in the world according to The Huffington Post, Lake Como is one of our top seven wedding destinations in Italy! The beauty of the landscapes, the spas, the markets, the medieval reenactments, and the quaint little surrounding villages are all huge draws to Lake Como. And, the lake naturally provides a calm, yet exciting, atmosphere as well as a stunning landscape backdrop for your beautiful pictures that you will cherish forever. Lake Como is the perfect place for a wedding, and should definitely be on your top seven wedding destinations in Italy!

Villa Balbiano Wedding Lake Como

Lake Como is always a beautiful spot for a destination wedding.

5. Milan Destination Wedding 

Milan is on our list for many reasons. Like all of Italy, Milan has a long list of historic sites to visit. One of these places being the Dome. (Fun fact, almost all the streets in Milan lead to the Dome.) What makes Milan unique is that it is the capital of Italy and the fashion capital of the world. So, if you are looking to have your wedding during fashion week, September or February are great times to have your wedding! If that peak fashion season is not for you, go other months of the year to avoid the Haute Couture crowds and higher prices. This city is enticing and amiable with energy that combines neoclassical romance with contemporary sophistication, making it a great place for your fashion-forward wedding.

Bride looking out the window

A bride looks out from her Italian Villa on her wedding day

6. Florence Destination Wedding 

In addition, Florence: another place on our list for fantastic historic sites and art, and top seven wedding destinations in Italy. With so many opulent places to get married in Florence, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one! You could have your ceremony in the Castello di Vincigliata and your reception in a rose garden. Likewise, you could have dinner on a terrace in the Villa La Vedetta where you can see the cathedral, and have your photos taken only five minutes away from the Villa.

Florence is a melting pot of different cuisines, street-food, and several restaurants where you can get a signature food specialty of Florence,  Bistecca Fiorentina T-bone steak. (Not for those who are Vegan or vegetarian – although you probably already guessed that. Lol.) The beautiful venues and tasty foods are endless as you look to Florence as one remarkable option for your wedding from our list of top seven wedding destinations in Italy!

7. Sardinia Destination Wedding 

Sardinia is the final city on our top seven wedding destinations in Italy list, and one of the most beautiful. Beautiful Mediterranean waters will accentuate and liven your wedding. So naturally, there is so much to explore here. Historic museums, more than 5000 years of culture, narrow, winding city streets, and clear water. Sardinian waters will defy worldly expectations. Therefore, your wedding photographs will be the talk of the town. If you’re looking stunning or romantic then Sardinia is for you. And, you’ll have the perfect place for guests to explore and for you to sneak away for a moment with your soon-to-be husband/bride/partner! Sardinia is definitely one of our fan favorites of the top seven wedding destinations in Italy!


Where to get married in Italy

You can’t go wrong getting married in Italy!



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