Clane Gessel’s wedding couple photography gallery features couples and portraits from around the world.  Scroll through the couple’s wedding photos below and gain inspiration for your couple’s photos.  If you just got engaged and are looking for wedding inspiration, then these images are sure to deliver just that for your wedding.

“I couldn’t have imagined a better photographer to have be a part of our big day.
He captured the joy from the evening in every photo, and I swear they are straight out of a magazine.
You’d be a fool not to try and book him for your wedding.”
-Kara and Don, Savannah, GA

Did you enjoy our wedding couple photography?  The Couple gallery featured award-winning photography from weddings we have shot around the world.
If you would like your couple’s wedding photos to look like these photos, please contact us today to start your wedding experience.  Be sure to read the Reviews of Clane Gessel as a wedding photographer.

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