San Francisco Weddings: The Chilled-Out, All-Inclusive Wedding Destination

San Francisco weddings

Top reasons to have a San Francisco Wedding

Where’s your dream spot to say “I Do”? Many brides and grooms to-be turn their sights outward when searching for a destination that fits their dreams. These international destinations are without a doubt hard to compete with. When Switzerland’s spectacular views, Rome’s delectable eats, Greece’s relaxing vibes, and Berlin’s cultural hub are contenders for a destination wedding, it’s tough to think of anywhere domestic that stands up to the excitement. But what if there was?

san francisco weddings

San Francisco Weddings on the top of Nob Hill

Sure, a resort wedding on the coast of Greece is unforgettable. But what are the drawbacks? By sticking to a domestic wedding right here within these borders, you can get the same allure of a destination wedding without the stress and cost of transatlantic travel included. However, don’t look at it as settling. There’s one city that really makes a case for why it’s a perfect wedding destination: San Francisco.

san francisco city hall weddings

San Francisco Weddings at City Hall

Yep, that San Francisco. The one with the Golden Gate Bridge and the creepy Alcatraz prison floating off the coast. It’s the one in the intro on Full House, the home of the greatest hippie bands from the 60s and 70s, and for the Star Wars fans out there, it’s Endor – literally where Endor was filmed! This golden city has been highlighted and beloved in pop culture for decades. San Francisco is one of the happiest cities in the United States, and it’s clear to see why.

San Francisco is a hot-spot of cultural experience and the centerpoint of the latest trends. It’s so vegan and vegetarian friendly (and the top city for organic eating!) that you can eat the fruit off the trees in the parks. There’s ample highly rated and authentic dining options for any cuisine making it attractive for foodies. And with nature close by, there are stunning views and relaxing spaces just minutes away. Craving a seascape wedding? How about a wedding in the brilliantly colored highlands? Or are those giant redwood trees that give way to fantasy more your style? San Francisco has a landscape that anybody can fall in love with.


Best san francisco wedding photography

San Francisco Wedding locations

If the landscapes and food haven’t sold you yet, how about the weather? San Francisco gets four beautiful seasons, but the summer and autumn are the ones to write home about. The summer sun shines on the city by the bay all season, but the cool salty breezes from the ocean keep her patrons cooled off with temperatures remaining around the mid 60s. It’s perfect! If you’re looking for something a little more thematic, San Francisco’s autumn is gorgeous. After the fog of the summer dissipates, you’re left with warm and sunny weather and are surrounded by delicate orange hued foliage.

san francisco wedding photography

A beautiful waterfront and pier is a great reason to pick San Francisco for your wedding

So far, we’ve covered the topical reasons of why San Francisco is so great for weddings. But there’s a little secret that really sets it over the edge as THE place to say your vows. What is it, you ask?

San Franciscans like to have fun.

This isn’t just reserved to excellent nightlife and a great place to live up your last night as a bachelorette/bachelor. Oh no. The wedding venues that San Francisco has to offer are exciting and unique. You can get married at the zoo, in the infamous Alcatraz, or even on Forbes Island where you can dine underwater. For a more elegant San Francisco Wedding, you can get married at the famous Mark Hopkins Intercontinental in San Francisco’s famed Nob Hill, or the Bently Reserve with it’s iconic pillars, or the waterfront at Chrissy Field.

san francisco top wedding venues

Top wedding venues in San Francisco

San Francisco is fun, hip, relaxed, beautiful, and above all: has something for everyone. It’s modest as a destination wedding, but has everything one could ever want to create a dream wedding. It’s a place where the locals are happy, the wine is fresh, and the skies are always blue. While typically it’s in San Francisco where trends are set, in this case, it’s the city itself that is the trend.

San Francisco wedding photography

San Francisco Wedding photography – best reasons for a San Francisco wedding

Any way you go, a San Francisco wedding is always a great idea – truly an amazing town and a place thousands of brides are lucky enough to tie the knot every year.


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Article by Clane Gessel Photography

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