Review From Rachel and Phillip

Clane Gessel is the best photographer!

This was our experience:

1. Amazingly talented, each photo off the camera was amazing. He was so easy to work with.
2. He’s humorous to help with the family and get them to smile.
3. Super creative shots, you can see his background as a landscape photographer in each photo, he uses his skills to make each shot perfect. It’s consistent in our proofs too, each shot was truly artistic and memorable.
4. He’s fast when working with family and bridal party, which is important when we’re working on a time schedule.
5. Trish is great! His assistant made it fun to work with the whole time.
6. He’s a great communicator up until and after the wedding. I’d recommend him highly to anyone that is thinking about getting married. He books out years in advance, be sure to book him ASAP.

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