Review From Nicole and Dan

I found Clane throug a friend at work. He had done her sister’s wedding, and after seeing the photos for her wedding and his web site i was hooked! He has this unmatched style of capturing each brides unique personlity and having jump out of the picture at you. He is unconvetional in all the right ways when posing the couple to captue the moment between the two of you that best fits your personality. He was fun to work with, professional in a relaxed way that made everything so fun that you lost track of time and you stopped posing for the pictures and started being real. Thats what makes him great. He worked with us to make everything work for us. His time, effort and what your end is, is unsurpassed by any i have seen. Everyone has gone on and on about the coffee table book we got from him. How absolutly beautiful the pictures are and how they captured the moment perfectly. I can’t begin to thank him.

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