Review From Laura and David

Hiring a photographer for our wedding was by far the toughest decision. Mainly because there are so many to choose from, and many seem like they would do a good job. We chose Clane based on a referral and my initial choice was that I appreciated the questions he asked me up front about what was important to me. Even though I really didn’t care about engagement photos, he insisted this part of the package. And, I am SO glad he did. From engagement photos through the ceremony, Clane showed up with great energy, creativity and assertiveness. He gives small hints along the way to ensure the photos will look their best and had creative ideas of where and how to take photos. Let’s just say you don’t get bored with Clane. I was impressed that Clane drove 3 hours just to do a walk through of our wedding venue just so he could be more prepared when it came to our big day. Clane understands service, going above and beyond, and most importantly, he is a talented photographer. I recommend Clane Gessel for your next wedding or big event!

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