A View Of Love Reflected Over The NY Skyline – NY Engagement Photos Part 1

By Chloe Cahill


Gary and Parinda exhibited their love from new heights during their New York City engagement shoot in May of 2022.  We offer engagement photos anywhere on earth, and they picked a New York City engagement shoot to showcase their special relationship here.  World-renowned, Fine Art and Destination Wedding Photographer, Clane Gessel, led the couple on a day-long adventure to capture the essence of the couple’s love in the most jaw-dropping engagement shoot of this season.

Best new york engagement photos

Beginning at Summit One Vanderbilt, donning a sleek black suit, Gary dapperly complimented Parinda’s elegant, floor-length gown of rich royal blue. Upon Clane’s careful direction, the couple began to settle comfortably into each other’s arms while they began to absorb the view from the observation deck.

Gazing outward, while sunbeams peeked through the floor-to-ceiling windows, Manhattan on display in all her bustling, concrete glory, time seemed to slow to a peaceful pace. It felt as though The City paused herself to gift a perfect moment in honor and celebration of the couple’s love and engagement. The stillness hummed into bystanders’ smiles and whispers that Gary and Parinda, “looked at each other as if they were the only people in the city.”  It was a magical touch to any NY engagement session.

Best new york engagement photos

(A masterfully captured moment that was in reality, crafted in Clane Gessel’s imagination and engineered to live through his unmatchable visionary precision. It’s truly a superpower.)

Strategically placed, posing expert Clane Gessel used the platinum decor to highlight and reflect the magnetic energy between the couple as seen here.

Best new york engagement photos


If you’re looking for a New York City engagement, we highly recommend Summit One Vanderbilt with only one caveat: plan to arrive early in the morning as it is a popular location and will likely be crowded by the time you leave if not when you arrive. Crowded, but definitely cool and certainly worthy of a New York City engagement shoot. The Summit One Vanderbilt is a great place to shoot and will give you some unique lighting for your New York City engagement shoot. We love how it looks here, don’t you?

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west village engagement photos

Best new york engagement photos

As swiftly as we began, Clane transitions the love birds to the next stop, landing in the heart of The West Village. The ever-green ivy, that has conquered the corner apartment, breathes a contrasting fresh backdrop for the couple’s stunning and endearing portraits. Clane directs them to cross as they excitedly continue in tandem toward their new beginning. Her silky mint green high-low dress (we love the details on the cuffs!) flows delicately behind them.

New York City engagement photos

Best new york engagement photos

So, would we recommend The West Village for a New York City engagement shoot? Absolutely! If you do your photos in the West Village, be sure to capture the greenery. Pro photography tip: When shooting here, reflect the depth and variety New York City offers by capturing the many textures. Frame the city street, the stone or brick from the residence, the ivy crawling up its side, and the soft fall lighting. Then, place the couple in the middle of the frame you’ve created.

NY engagement photography

Best new york engagement photos

Sweeping us off our feet to the third and flirty look of the day, Parinda gleams in her spring pastel hand-sown ruching fit and flare dress while Gary beams back in his bright blue frames.

We’d also recommend starting at Hudson Yards and then strolling to a quiet spot on The Highline. This is another location you’ll be grateful to be the early bird as the charm of the Highline attracts many people. We love shooting on the Highline because it captures many elements of the city and is also an excellent transition to and from Hudson Yards. Hudson Yards and the Highline are amazing places to shoot and get a variety of looks with little travel time in between. You can shoot on the stairs of the Vessel or get its entirety in the background of your photos. We also love shooting at the Highline because can find so many quaint little nooks to cuddle up and pose!

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