8 Tips on How to Pull Off a Memorable Lake Como Wedding in Italy

Lake Como Wedding

Lake Como Destination Wedding by Clane Gessel

With its picturesque harbors, tranquil waters, and spectacular sceneries, it’s not hard to see why a Lake Como wedding in Italy is essential to capture the hearts of couples in love. The mix of nature and stunning architecture provides a breath-taking backdrop for a romantic wedding.

But what does it take to hold a Lake Como wedding in Italy? Being a luxurious tourist spot and the secret hideaway of the rich and famous, getting married in Lake Como is not going to be cheap—that’s pretty much a given. So expect to splurge a little bit more. After all, it’s the ultimate wedding destination.

Before you get lost in the whirlwind of planning your wedding, here are some tips on how to make your Lake Como wedding in Italy as memorable and as beautiful as you imagine it to be.

Lake Como wedding photography, Clane Gessel wedding in Lake Como, Lake Como Italy

Lake Como wedding, Italy wedding photography

1. Pick the best time of the year for a Lake Como wedding in Italy

Lake Como is at its most beautiful in June when the foliage is in full bloom. May and June are the best months for a wedding because the temperature is just about right between 20°C and 24°C. Although there’s plenty of sunshine during the day, there’s always the chance of rain. Early May to early June is that sweet spot for a wedding because there are not as many requests for venue rentals.

2. Plan events for your guests

For destination weddings, it’s always a great idea to bring your guests together before the wedding. It’s an opportunity to welcome everyone and introduce family and friends to other guests. It’s a great way to break the ice and set the tone for what’s to come.

Typically, couples host the rehearsal dinner and goodbye brunch for the guests. But in Lake Como, the pre-wedding activities are a little more in tune with the Lake Como lifestyle. Boat rides, hiking, and aerial tours of the lake are popular activities. For the less adventurous crowd, you can hold a wine tasting and pairing dinner, a vineyard tour, a spa day, or a yacht cruise.


Lake Como wedding photography, Clane Gessel wedding in Lake Como, Lake Como Italy

Lake Como wedding photography


3. Get in touch with a local wedding planner

As it is a destination wedding, it’s not practical to keep going back and forth to Lake Como to plan the wedding. Get in touch with a local wedding planner or someone who knows Lake Como like the back of her hand so that you can see the locations either through video calls or emails.

There should be regular correspondence so you’ll have updates about the weather, the preparation, and other factors that may affect your wedding plans. Should you hire a wedding planner from Lake Como, he or she must help you get the best prices for the services you’ll need like the villa rentals, food, car rentals, boat rentals, and other amenities. Keep in mind that Lake Como is a tourist destination so you’ll get tourist prices until your wedding planner intervenes and negotiates for a discounted price on your behalf.  We recommend Sonal from SJS Events, she’s planned a large number of Lake Como weddings before.

4. Arrive days in advance and stay longer

Oftentimes, couples arrive a day before the wedding and stay only a few days after. The day before the wedding ceremony can get a little bit hectic and the last-minute stress of the preparation can take its toll on the bride and groom. They do not have enough time to relax and decompress and it may show on the pictures.

Arriving a week in advance can give the bride time to do a hair and makeup trial and make final adjustments before the wedding.

The couple must also stay a little bit longer after the wedding to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of Lake Como without the added stress.


Lake Como wedding photography, Clane Gessel wedding in Lake Como, Lake Como Italy

Villa Erba destination wedding

5. Bring a trusted wedding photographer

Hiring a familiar photographer or videographer can capture the couple’s story in pictures. For a Lake Como wedding, it’s necessary for the photographer to research the location and look for beautiful spots, interesting objects, and fascinating sceneries that will capture the rich history of Lake Como so that he can incorporate them into the couple’s story in pictures. Couples who choose Lake Como as their wedding destination want it to be part of their story so it’s the job of the photographer to capture that.

6. Provide transportation for your guests to get around Lake Como

Lake Como is replete with interesting places to go to. It would be a waste if guests would be holed up in their hotel rooms for the duration of their stay. Car rentals are the best way to get around Lake Como but there are also shuttle services provided by hotels. You could arrange for transportation to be made available to your guests.


Lake Como wedding photography, Clane Gessel wedding in Lake Como, Lake Como Italy

Villa Erba wedding photography

7. Add traditional local cuisine in the wedding menu

Part of the allure of a destination wedding in Lake Como is the food. While couples may prefer certain cuisines, it would thrill the guests to experience traditional cuisine served in Lake Como. Your wedding can either have local cuisine or add it as an option.

Another option would be to host an aperitivo (or aperitif) where a pre-meal drink is served with appetizers made from locally sourced ingredients. You can serve wine from nearby vineyards, artisanal bread, and cheeses and cured meats from local shops. It’s a great way to experience the local culture through food.

8. Meet your vendors and suppliers

Ideally, you have to meet vendors in person. So that includes the florist, villa rental companies, restaurants, hotels, car rental companies, and other service providers. You can arrange a meeting so you can choose the best ones. If you are not able to go in person, you can set up a video call to discuss and negotiate.

Your wedding planner can also do this on your behalf, but if you have the time and the means to talk to the vendors in person, it would give you a sense of what you can expect and bring you peace of mind even when you’re not there before the wedding. You may even meet other local talents like a makeup artist, a photographer, or a chef.


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