Be A Bride- How To Enjoy Your Wedding Day To The Fullest

A bride’s ultimate regret is mentally not being at her wedding and relying on her memory of her big day to a nicely made photo book or video. Whether wrapped in managing every detail of the wedding to trying to round up all your family photos. A bride’s wedding day should be a day all about her, for her. She should be able to enjoy every moment and say that the day went so slow instead of saying that it went so fast, she couldn’t remember it. The best overall advice that one could use about anything is learned from others’ experiences. So in this article, we will be sharing tips from real brides on how to enjoy your wedding day.

Enjoy Your wedding day

Your Big Day Should Be All About Having A Great Time.

“Focus on the moment, not the detail”

enjoy your wedding day

Have Fun!

 Your big day is finally here and this is the time for you and your groom to relax and be the center of attention. Not the time for you to hook up a headset, throw on some sneakers, and start calling the shots on the day of your wedding. One of the biggest mistakes a bride could make on their wedding day is to become so nick picky on every detail of structure and décor, that by the time she’s done, she’s at the hotel drenched in sweat from all the running around, with no recollection of her wedding day.

So what do you do? Well, first you have to realize that in the world of event planning its known that no matter how much planning and hours that you put into a project, there is always a possibility of something not going the way you planned. So how do you deal with it? Of course, plan and organize your butt off as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate! And if you believe that you’ve done all you can and you still find some cracks. Well, then its time for the big one. LOOK AWAY! If it’s not life-threatening or something that has to be immediately addressed, just look away! Enjoy your wedding day! For some people, you will only get to experience this once, so why worry yourself on every little detail that’s not going to matter in two seconds. I say instead, just focus on two things, getting married and having fun.


“Document and delegate”

enjoy your wedding day

Feel Free to Express Your Needs And Wants

When it comes to your photographer, don’t be afraid to give them important shots you and your groom may want. Include important people in your life that you may want to capture in the moment, just to look back on and see the moves and expressions you may have missed. Also, include special moments you and the groom may have preplanned! I know it may be intimidating for some people to send requests, but like previously said, this happens only once. Also remember, you’re paying for their service, so better you get all you can get for your buck and tell them what you want if they don’t discuss it already with you.

For example, our team will set up a consultation with you and your groom for such matters, and discuss your all-around expectation and desires for your wedding. Also, we try to keep updated on the wedding plans to get a deeper feel for what your expectation is for the entirety of your wedding. So that we could ultimately integrate it into our work for your big day. We believe that after you receive your photos, it should be more than just snapshots off a checklist. It should be a personal story told through still photos about one of the most special days in your life.

“Enjoy Your Cocktail Hour”

enjoy your wedding day

Enjoy Your Cocktail!

Your cocktail hour could be used for a lot of things, such as changing your dress, photos with family and bridal party, or maybe even rehearsing for the special dance you have planned for the reception. But if, by some chance, you don’t have these responsibilities, you could use this time to really enjoy your wedding day by maybe having a drink, conversing, or just sit back in a corner of the room and just watch your wedding from a different perspective. The cocktail hour is your social time. This is your time to find your friend who flew in from far away or to enjoy one or two drinks (pace yourself!) with your girlfriends. This hour could be for your enjoyment too, not just the guests.

“Don’t Change Out Of Your Wedding Dress”

enjoy your wedding day

You Only Get To Wear It Once.

So this could be debatable, but understanding on both sides. You may, off the back think that wearing your wedding ceremonial outfit for the entirety of your wedding day can be a bit too challenging. But the truth is that for some it’s not. Depending on your wedding’s theme or style of your dress would determine the level of challenge it would provide. For a more laid-back wedding, such as a boho wedding, you would more likely have of a light, lacey, short or long dress that could be possibly by manageable for a whole day of walking, jumping, and dancing. Now for a more traditional wedding, where brides would more likely target a larger formal dress, the challenge may increase.

No matter the dress or theme, the fact remains that this may be the only day you get to wear and enjoy it. So why not wear it the night away. Who said you can’t enjoy your wedding day in a puffy dress. Of course, if you plan to do so, make sure you make plans to give the dress some time to breathe. As well as have things on standby to tighten it up when dancing commences!

“Hire A Wedding Planner”

enjoy your wedding

Wedding Planners Could Relive A Lot Of Unwanted Stress.

 Last, but definitely not least to enjoy your wedding day. One of the biggest things you could do for yourself and your sanity on your big day is to hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner will, of course, be in charge of planning your wedding to a T. From venue to table numbers, the wedding planner will be in charge of making sure that everything that has to do with your wedding is in place. In theory and in the physical. When you hire a wedding planner, they will receive your desires with your budget, and turn it into a reality. Now while we’re speaking of reality, let’s be realistic and mention that the success of your planner will be determined by their experience and skillset of that planner. So be sure to do thorough research before deciding on your planner.

When you do finally get the one you choose, be very open with them when speaking about the things you want or need. Update them as much as possible with any changes that you come across or come up with. Because they will be working with vendors, companies, and freelancers that will need to be coordinated and communicated in a timely manner to avoid chaos. When all of that is done, you will be able to hand off the torch of worry and execution and be treated with a hopefully stress-free wedding.

For those who either want to plan their wedding on their own or just can’t afford a wedding planner along with all the other expenses, there are day planners available. A day planner can be hired to come on the day of your wedding day and coordinate the day that you’ve prepared. Of course, there will be prior communication for briefing and updates. The day will be returned to you and the work will be transferred to your planner.  Having some sort of help, full planning or partial planning or day-of planning, will truly help you enjoy your wedding day.


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Article by Clane Gessel Photography