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How do Wedding Planners Attract Ultra-Luxury Clients?

We Hear from Wedding Planners on What Ultra-Luxury Clients are looking For!

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Wedding planner behind-the-scenes videos add value to your brand

Wedding Planners!  Time for a check-up on your business.  How do you attract the ultra-luxury client?  We wanted to help some of our vendor friends, so we’ve asked our luxury wedding planners for tips on how to attract the ultra-luxury client.  I hope these simple steps help all our wedding planner friends book the dream clients they’ve hoped for.  We want to support our vendor partners and raise the standards throughout the industry – a rising tide lifts all boats.  We get most of our referrals from people who know that we do good work and strive to support others in our industry.  In fact, one of the wedding planners we asked said she was behind the scenes too much, working in the business and not on the business, and that prettymuch all of her unseen work went …. well … unseen.  We got an idea with that friend to create videos for her showing all her unseen work, a ‘behind the scenes’ for wedding planners if you will.  She found it added an immense amount of value to her business because it showed her future and prospective clients all the work she put into each wedding that no one had any idea was going on.

By posting these behind the scenes videos, she was able to raise her prices and attract significantly better clients that respected her and what she did, because they realized the difference she made, both on the day and for months leading up to it.  We also have shot many weddings with this particular planner, and this person always made her clients happy, but one wedding we did together had an extremely happy couple, and we had an idea to record them on video talking about their experience working with this planner – it ended up being gold.  The wedding planner loved it so much, she now asks all her couples for the same thing – and if you’re doing a great job, all your couples should be willing to rave about you on video.


Here are is a little advice from our wedding planner friends about other ways to attract ultra luxury clients –

From Wedding Planner 1 – How do Wedding Planners Attract Ultra-Luxury Clients?

Some of the biggest mistakes wedding planners make is skipping basics.  No matter who you are or where you’re from, you should be doing the very basics – networking, being polite, giving back to the community.  People want to work with professionals that they have a relationship with.  People who are nice, kind, honest, and uphold the values of the industry such as integrity and loyalty.

Wedding planning is all about getting the details right and staying super organized while really understanding what the couple wants for their big day. You need to find the perfect venue, work with top-notch vendors, keep an eye on the budget, and make sure everyone is on the same page. For ultra-luxury clients, it’s about going above and beyond with bespoke services, like securing exclusive locations, creating custom design elements, and offering exceptional hospitality. When you can show that you excel at crafting unforgettable, personalized experiences, you naturally attract the world’s best ultra-luxury clients who want their dreams turned into a stunning reality with every detail polished to perfection.

Planner 2 – How do Wedding Planners Attract Ultra-Luxury Clients?

When it comes to attracting ultra-luxury clients, wedding planners often stumble by not fully grasping the high expectations and unique demands of this market. One of the biggest mistakes is neglecting to build a strong personal brand that screams luxury and exclusivity. These clients are looking for a flawless presentation, from the website to the business cards. Additionally, failing to establish strong relationships with top-tier vendors and not engaging in elite social circles can make it difficult to meet the high standards these clients expect.

Another major misstep is offering generic proposals instead of highly customized, bespoke services. Ultra-luxury clients want unique, tailor-made experiences with meticulous attention to detail. Planners also tend to underestimate the importance of discretion and privacy; high-net-worth individuals expect confidentiality and can be turned off by overexposure on social media. Lastly, poor communication and a lack of personal engagement can leave clients feeling undervalued. It’s crucial for wedding planners to be attentive, flexible, and innovative, always staying ahead of trends and delivering beyond expectations to truly captivate this elite clientele.


Planner 3 – How do Wedding Planners Attract Ultra-Luxury Clients?

Video testimonials and behind-the-scenes videos can be game-changers for wedding planners aiming to book ultra-luxury clients. When prospective clients see genuine, heartfelt testimonials from high-profile couples who’ve had extraordinary experiences, it builds trust and credibility. These testimonials serve as powerful social proof, showing that you have a track record of delivering on your promises and exceeding expectations.

Behind-the-scenes videos are equally impactful because they offer a glimpse into your meticulous planning process and attention to detail. They demonstrate your ability to manage complex, high-end events and showcase your creativity and problem-solving skills in real-time. By highlighting your collaboration with top-tier vendors and your commitment to creating unique, luxurious experiences, these videos make your expertise and professionalism tangible. This transparency reassures potential clients that you can handle their high-stakes event with the utmost care and excellence, making you a more attractive choice for their big day.


Planner 4 – How do Wedding Planners Attract Ultra-Luxury Clients?

To book your dream client, you need to focus on building a brand that exudes luxury and sophistication in every aspect. Start by networking with high-end vendors and attending elite events to position yourself within the right circles. Tailor your marketing to reflect the exclusivity and bespoke nature of your services, showcasing high-end weddings you’ve successfully planned and including testimonials from satisfied, high-profile clients. Be sure to offer highly personalized proposals that cater to their unique tastes and preferences, paying meticulous attention to detail. Maintain impeccable communication and ensure a high level of discretion and privacy throughout the process. By demonstrating your ability to deliver a flawless, one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll attract and secure those dream clients.


Another key strategy is effective networking. Attend exclusive events, luxury bridal shows, and industry gatherings to connect with potential clients and high-end vendors. Building genuine relationships in these circles can open doors to new opportunities and referrals. It’s also vital to stay involved in your community and give back, as people often prefer to work with those who are kind, honest, and uphold strong industry values like integrity and loyalty.

Hard work and dedication are indispensable. Ultra-luxury clients have exacting standards and expect nothing less than perfection. Go above and beyond to provide personalized service, from custom design elements to exclusive venue access. Showcasing your meticulous planning process through behind-the-scenes videos or sharing your success stories via client testimonials can also significantly boost your credibility and appeal.

Finally, consider hiring a publicist to help manage your public image and get your name in front of the right audience. A skilled publicist can secure media coverage, arrange interviews, and help you build a strong personal brand that resonates with ultra-luxury clients. Publicity, when done correctly, can enhance your reputation and position you as a leader in the luxury wedding planning market.

Attracting ultra-luxury clients requires a combination of excellent service, strategic networking, and effective marketing. By focusing on the basics, such as attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills, and complementing them with personalized, high-end services, you can create unforgettable experiences that appeal to high-net-worth individuals. Enhancing your visibility through testimonials, behind-the-scenes content, and professional publicity efforts will further establish your brand as the go-to choice for luxury weddings. Ultimately, it’s about showing prospective clients that you can transform their dream wedding into a flawless reality, ensuring every detail is handled with the utmost sophistication and care.

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How to get better clients? Testimonial videos let couples see your worth

If you’re a wedding planner and want more behind the scenes videos or testimonial videos of your clients singing your praises, reach out to us here, we’ll come shoot it for you for free (if you’re in the New York City area), or charge just for travel if you’d like us to come to your city.  We also can do behind-the-scenes or ‘day in the life’ videos for you.  These are gold on your social, website, and beyond.  They’ll be sure to pay dividends as future couples see your hard work and hear other clients talk about their experience working with you.