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Destination weddings in Iceland

You aren’t mistaken- Iceland has quickly become one of the hottest spots for couples looking for a destination wedding. Destination weddings in Iceland have blossomed in the last few years.  Yes, it’s true- Iceland made our top 10 list of destination wedding locations for 2018, but it wasn’t long ago when Iceland wasn’t even considered a destination of any kind.  Frigid winter temps, small remote towns, and unpredictable weather patterns have scared people away for years.  Recently, however, people are searching for exactly what Iceland offers.  The Northern Lights, stunning landscapes, and mild summers make Iceland a magical destination wedding spot.  There are things that Iceland offers that are far beyond anything you can get in the States, and this is exactly what our kinds of couples are looking for.

iceland destination wedding

Iceland is littered with the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, a great place for a wedding

Destination weddings in Iceland can be logistically tricky if you go in blind.  The small island is roughly the size of Oregon and has only 300,000 year-round residents.  The island hosts over 3 million visitors a year, meaning 10 times the population roll through every single year.  There are two airports, but they’re both relatively small and are far away from the hotels.  The capital of Reykjavik offers the biggest and most beautiful wedding venues in Iceland, but don’t expect a Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons.  The wedding market is brand new to this tiny European destination, and there aren’t (as of February 2018) any luxury properties familiar to Americans.

iceland wedding

Destination wedding locations in Iceland

It’s no wonder why couples have been booking Iceland as a top wedding destination location, it’s somewhere they want to go anyway. Iceland has skyrocketed to one of the most popular places as couples look for more and more unique locations to share their love.  Being out in nature connects with a lot of couples, and Iceland has no shortage of that.  Weddings in Iceland tend to be smaller, just because venues can’t support a 350 person wedding.  Most of our couples are looking for something intimate where they can reflect on the momentous choice they’re making together.  If you’re looking for a destination wedding location with less than 75 guests, Iceland may be the spot for you.

wedding snow

Snow can be a beautiful addition to your wedding photos.

The landscape is littered with waterfalls, black sand beaches, icebergs and of course, the Northern Lights.  People come from all over the world to see these amazing things, so why not profess your love in the process?  For those looking for something in Iceland but want to keep it traditional, there are plenty of stunning churches in Reykjavik and the surrounding towns where you can have your ceremony.  The winters are harsh, but they rarely experience weather that paralyzes the country.  Snowstorms are rare, but snow can add such a beautiful feel to a wedding day.

northern lights iceland

The northern lights are one reason people choose to tie the knot in Iceland.

Flights to Iceland are easy and super cheap.  Most major cities from the USA offer flights year round, and the flight is shorter than one might think.  WOW airlines and Iceland Air offer discounted rates throughout the year, sometimes as low as $99 each way from New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and Chicago.  Once you’re there, you’ll likely want to rent a car, as taxis are expensive.  If you’d like more info about getting around in Iceland, feel free to reach out to me, I’ve shot there a number of times.  The logistics aside, Iceland is a truly stunning place for couples looking at an amazing spot for their destination wedding.


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Article by Clane Gessel Photography