Reviews of Clane Gessel Photography, right from the couples themselves.  These testimonials help you understand how your wedding photography will come out, and to trust the process.  Clane Gessel reviews speak to the fears of brides everywhere, but rest assured, you’re getting the best wedding photographer available.  If you have questions regarding your wedding or how your photos will turn out, be sure to read Clane Gessel reviews.


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“I hope this does not sound generic but Clane is the single most AWESOME photographer if not in this country, in the Pacific Northwest. I have been to and seen multitudes of wedding photos in my years, and Clane by far exceeded the high standard I expected of him. I can honestly say that the best decision I made regarding my wedding, with the exception of the man I choose to marry of course, was choosing to go w/Clane for our photography needs. Everyone who sees my photos comments on how great the photography turned out, and I always make sure to pass along his info so they can try to slot him in for their big day. I absolutely LOVE Clane, I have only rave reviews about him and his work. He is so creative and shot better photos than I even imagined possible. Go with Clane, I am not kidding, you will not be disappointed!”

-Cara and Tyler

“Clane was the photographer for my wedding this past June and he was the absolute best. He captured the day perfectly and the photos are truly beautiful. So much so that two bridal magazines asked to publish them for their real wedding feature. This was such a wonderful compliment and unexpected bonus. It is also the perfect testament to two of my favorite things about Clane’s work. 1) His skill and ability to make a couple feel comfortable and appear unposed before the camera. 2) His unquestionable mastery at transforming scenery and detail into distinctive and artistic imagery. In addition to Clane’s unmatched expertise, I would be remised if I didn’t also comment on Clane, the person. I have found him to be genuine, passionate and practically luminescent when he talks about his work and couples. Clane receives my highest recommendation. I couldn’t be happier with our wedding photos or imagine another photographer capturing the day more perfectly. And yah, did I mention our wedding photos are going to be published in a magazine?”

–Sacha and Doug

”Clane was fantastic. I must admit, at first I was skeptical. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on a photographer. Here’s the deal though, these are some of the best wedding pictures you will ever see. He works very hard to figure out what you want, but also to figure out who you and your guests are. He then tries to bring the best out of everyone. Which in the case of some of my guests meant practically forcing a smile. Some guests didn’t quite appreciate this, but, he got excellent pictures out of people who you normally couldn’t pay to smile. For the most part people got a kick out of him and thought he was awesome.

Clane has multiple packages available but will work with you if you ask real nice. He almost immediately had a lot of edited photos available online for us and within a few weeks we got a DVD with a copy of all of the photos. Clane did an engagement session with us, attended the rehearsal, the wedding and even went out with us around Seattle after the wedding and took photos.

Beyond being an excellent photographer, Clane is just an all around awesome guy that you want to hang out with afterward and have beer or a cup of coffee. Clane is more than a photographer. He is dead set determined to do whatever it takes to get photos that you are going to love, frame and share with everybody. He’s not afraid to do just about whatever it takes to make it happen. We gave him pretty much carte blanch permission to do this. He’ll be less tenacious if you like, but why would you. This is your wedding after all!!

Clane is totally worth it! Hire him and you won’t regret it.”

-Ian and Sam

“We can honestly say we could not have asked for a better photographer. From day one Clane went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and comfortable with the camera in our face. We have both been photographed before for various reasons and neither of us have ever been comfortable with it.  We were blown out of the water by Clane’s ability to break the ice and have a great time while still creating PHENOMINAL photographs. He not only made us happy on our wedding day and the days leading up to it, but he also hit it off with our bridal party, guests and even other vendors. We have received so many complements on his talent and personality since the wedding day its amazing. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to anyone, in fact we have a few friends who are planning to use him for their weddings some of which aren’t even engaged yet- they said they would save his information until the time comes because they wouldn’t want to use anyone else. That in itself is a huge complement! I can go on and on about how wonderful he was and how amazing the final product was for hours and none of us have time for that so ill end it by saying you don’t need to look any further for a photographer for your event- He was everything we could have wanted plus so much more!”

-Jeannette and Cody

“Clane was truly a god send. The quality of his photos is unmatched! I can’t count how many people have told me that my wedding photos are the best they have ever seen. He is always quick to respond via email or phone, and is professional in a way that gave me the confidence that he knew what he was doing, while also being personable enough to make the photo shoots fun! His photographs are priceless, worth every penny. Flexibility – wow! We changed our wedding date 3 or 4 times and Clane was so flexible through it all, that when we changed the date for the final time and the location to Hawaii he stood right by us throughout it all. He was the solid foundation to my wedding planning – one of the things I knew I could count on and didn’t have to worry about.”

-Rachel and John

“We heard about Clane through a friend of ours who had used his services. He accommodated us in every way he could and more. We stumbled upon a scheduling obstacle about a month before the wedding and Clane negotiated and accommodated us so that we were able to keep his amazing services. On the big day, he felt like part of our family! He was so much fun and all the guests loved him. I have had SO many compliments on our photographs, as well. As an artist myself (and my husband has a degree in photography), we would both HIGHLY recommend his services. He has an amazing eye for candid shots and his style is so unique. We plan to keep in touch with him and now consider him a friend!”

–Joey and Teigh

“I could not be happier that we chose Clane Gessel as our wedding photographer. I was most nervous about the picture taking at the wedding because I hate to be in front of the camera. However, Clane made me and my fiancé feel perfectly comfortable. He had great ideas for unique and creative shots and also made sure that we were getting shots that we really wanted. He really tailored his style to fit our wants. Even during stressful picture taking moments, he stayed calm and collected and got the job done. He was great with our large wedding party and 400 guest wedding. He captured all of our key moments and we have the perfect pictures to prove it! I have had countless people comment on how beautiful and fun our photos are. I am so happy that we went with Clane for our wedding and I would recommend him to anyone that is getting married!”

–Kelsey and Luke

“If you want gorgeous, creative, amazing pictures that will capture your best day forever… BOOK CLANE NOW!!!! We were very lucky to work with Clane for our wedding last fall. He’s truly a dream to work. He doesn’t make you do old fashioned boring poses; he makes it FUN!!! Of course, some are conventional (come on you need and want some of those) but he has such a knack for creativity and vision that it was impressive what he did with us. On the day of the wedding he was nearly an hour early so that he could get to know the venue. He was very professional, but also compassionate and helpful and definitely had the calm, he has the reassuring vibe that you want in a person that will literally be standing next to you for your entire wedding day. I got my photos today, less than a month after the wedding, and they are so beautiful, and so vibrant and lively. Our family couldn’t stop complimenting how great working with him was. Overall he was just fantastic to work with fun, friendly, professional, and amazing. Seriously BOOK HIM TO PRESERVE YOUR SPECIAL DAY IN AN ARTISTIC AND FUN WAY!!!! Go now. Call. Do it.”

–Jasmine and Jay

“As the mother of the bride, I was fortunate to have an instrumental part in helping my daughter plan her wedding. I knew that, apart from marrying her groom, what was most important to her was the aesthetic of the wedding photographer and the quality of his work. Upon seeing Clane’s portfolio, I knew that the magical dreamscapes he was able to capture and create were exactly what she’d imagined for her day. We were completely enchanted by the other-worldly visions of beauty we found on his site, but I wondered….could he really cast that magic for our daughter and her groom? As it turned out, the answer was a resounding “YES!!”

From the moment we met Clane, he put us at ease with his positive energy and professional demeanor. He helped my daughter and her groom feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process…instructing them on just how to pose for many of the shots, but always coaxing from them a completely natural and genuine interaction with each other. The end results were breathtakingly beautiful. While the stunning location of the ceremony and wedding dinner were on full display, his photographs always allowed the bride and groom to outshine all else. He lead us through the family groupings with an ease and good humor that turned what could have been stressful for a ‘camera shy’ person such as myself into a lovely, completely painless experience.

Clane went far beyond capturing the sublime beauty of the bride, the devotion on the face of her groom, or the joy of family members witnessing the event. His photographs are portals through which we can step back in time and revisit the sweetness of that day…feel the blissful love between the bride and groom…revel in the glory of their union. Our daughter’s wedding was a fairy tale come true, magical and enchanting in every way… And thanks to the supremely talented Clane Gessel, we shall always have the glorious pictures to prove that her dreamlike day had been real!!”

–Cameron and Emily

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