“Your love is unique,
shouldn’t your
                photos be?

Congrats on your engagement! Everything we do is designed to bring you the best possible wedding experience. As one of the most celebrated and published photographers in the nation, my team and I are honored to guide you through this journey.

We only shoot weddings and only select 20 per year. This helps my boutique studio stay passionate about our couples, their love, and the beautiful heirlooms we create.

Based on the West Coast, we have been commissioned worldwide.

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        “Your love is unique,

                photos be?

Congrats on your engagement! Everything we do is designed to bring you the best possible wedding experience. As one of the most celebrated and published photographers in the nation, my team and I are honored to guide you through this journey.

We only shoot weddings and only select 20 per year. This helps my boutique studio stay passionate about our couples, their love, and the beautiful heirlooms we create.

With offices in New York and San Francisco, we have been commissioned worldwide.

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Meet Clane Gessel

Clane Gessel’s passion has always been in photography.  Shooting landscape images right out of high school, his work was featured in National Geographic and Smithsonian magazines.  He worked for The Seattle Times in college, further sharpening his photographic eye. After he graduated from the University of Washington, Clane eagerly stepped out of The Seattle Times’ shadow in search of a spotlight in the world of weddings.

Clane loves telling love stories through photography.  Using his photojournalistic style, he helps the couple open up in front of the camera so their personalities can shine.  He specializes in capturing the whole story- from wedding details and environment to the couple’s family and personality.  Clane’s mission is to give each couple a unique album on their wedding day including a distinctive photo that best encapsulates the couple’s day, he calls it “the one shot.”  He currently resides between New York and San Francisco.

Clane has been honored to be featured on the cover of National Geographic, named top 5 wedding photographers in the Nation, and the top 10 most published.  His extensive knowledge of wedding photography has earned him appearances on TV and radio programs and is widely considered one of the best wedding photographers in the country. His work has been featured on The Ellen Show and can be found in nearly every wedding publication including BRIDES, Grace Ormonde, Style Me Pretty, Modern Luxury Brides, The Knot, and more.  He has worked with the world’s top talent, including shooting events for the amazing Mindy Weiss and Colin Cowie.

About the Studio

Clane Gessel’s studio is a team of dedicated artists, designers and creators, helping our couple’s photography dreams come true.  With offices in New York and San Francisco, Clane Gessel’s studio reach worldwide, with a portfolio that includes locations like Bora Bora, Bali, Iceland, Japan, and more.

Outside of the studio, you can find Clane’s team heavily involved in giving back.  He photographs for charities such as Dress for Success, End Abuse 4 Good and the International Academy for Hope with the belief that every woman should have beautiful photos of themselves, not just brides.  Additionally, Clane’s studio donates a portion of each wedding to these and other charities committed to bringing awareness to domestic and sexual abuse.

The Apprentices


Stanley can be described as an exuberant, creative, innovative photographer, with a heart for people. Stanley comes from Miami, Fl, where his main focus was to serve people in civil service with an emphasis in law enforcement. Stanley’s dream was to become a US Marshal and later join the northeast Fugitive Task Force. After graduating, he began working for his local police department for 4+ years, all the while studying photography in his free time.  He has since brought together his passion for serving people and love for photography by moving into weddings.

Stanley has worked with a variety of couples, local music artists, and entrepreneurs. He excels at telling a story through his photography, and is dedicated to sharing and developing photography techniques, and blogs consistently to help others understand the importance of these techniques in application.

From after meeting his wife in 2012, Stanley’s passion and respect for marriage extend from his camera to his family.  His inspiration for photography comes from the love of his wife and the world around him. He currently resides in New York, and looks to capture the endless love and personalities the city holds. In his free time, Stanley would be hanging out with his best friend (his wife), trying new restaurants and cheesecake spots throughout the city.


Gaby is adventurous and energetic, Gaby is talkative enough to live up to her name. Her favorite style of photography is portraiture and she loves the challenge of using the medium to capture the likeness and personality of those around her. Gaby was raised on a quaint farm in Missouri, and as a result, nature and outdoor activities are important elements in her life, including horseback riding, summer kayak trips, and picnics in the park.

Gaby has her master’s degree in fashion photography, and spent the past few years in London. She’s shot for London Fashion Week, ASBO Magazine, stylists, bloggers, and fashionistas. She recently moved to NYC to continue her photography exploration. Her wedding photography style has an emphasis on fashion, and her editing style is completely unique.  Gaby is constantly searching for new and interesting ways to fuel her creativity, and often finds inspiration while walking through the city with her earbuds in.


CB is an Arkansas Native, and U.S. Navy Veteran whose love of photography came at the earliest of ages. From the time of his birth, his uncle was always making home movies of the family and constantly taking photos. There is not a time when CB remembers growing up without a camera around. At the age of 9, while other children would ask their parents for toys or candy, CB would ask for disposable cameras.  CB still has the majority of those photos stored in his home. To him, photography is a lifelong artistic journey about growth and love.

        Through the years, CB has made it a point to venture into every aspect of photography. From portrait work, to event photography, to sports photography, he is inspired by photography in all fields, and understands the importance of being a student of the art. When asked what kind of photography he loves most, CB has said, “I love different kinds of photography for different reasons. I love personal art projects, because I am able to tell an entire story, through one image. At the same time, I love shooting events or sports photography, because I get the opportunity to document these events in the lives of the people involved, making me very much a historian. I also am a firm believer that everyone should be able to look in the mirror, and think the person they see looking back is beautiful. Through photography, I am able to capture the beautiful things about each individual I shoot, and give them, even for just a moment, a picture of themselves where they can smile and feel pretty.”

CB gets his inspiration from music, composition and screenwriting.  His favorite place in the country is Yellowstone National Park.


Sue was juggling a busy life as a medical researcher and freelance violinist in NYC when she decided to buy a camera that was “better than a cell phone”. Since then, she has jumped headfirst into photography with no regrets.

Born in China and raised in New Haven, CT, Sue graduated from Duke University in Biology with distinction and Chemistry and Music performance minors. She has a lifelong goal of helping others and has worked in the past decade as an EMT at Yale-New Haven Hospital and research coordinator in transplant medicine at Columbia University in NYC. It was through photography that she realized she could marry both her passion for helping others and for artistic expression.

Always exploring the technical aspects of photography, Sue uses her science background in the developing and printing her own film photography. Her musical background gives her a unique perspective in the art of timing for perfect moments. Her specialty is candid portraiture and photojournalism-style scenes. And she loves stories, especially love stories.

Sue travels often with her husband, a touring violinist. In her free time, she enjoys playing chamber music, board games with friends, and baking pies.


Clane and his wedding team all work to make your wedding day the best possible. Clane Gessel’s team pay close attention to every detail of your wedding and makes sure your experience is seamless, from engagement to honeymoon.  Clane and team work hard to get your wedding published in magazines nationwide.  Be sure to read the Reviews of Clane Gessel as a wedding photographer. For more information on our wedding collection refer to the Pricing Page or to schedule a consultation, please Contact Us.