6 of the Most Unique Natural Wonder Wedding Venues of the World

This past year has been turbulent, to say the least. Now that the tides have turned, many of us are refreshing our routines and preparing for better months ahead. Finally, after dreaded months of infinite stalls and constant pauses on wedding plans, the world has opened up its doors again. 


Weddings and events previously put on hold are out of limbo and are ready for action. Before you jump into your old wedding and event plans, consider starting fresh from a blank page. The best way to celebrate in a post-pandemic world is to include the world in your celebration. Nothing compares to a celebration with a touch of natural beauty. 


Take a moment to explore some of the most unique natural wonder wedding venues and event venues around the world to reinvigorate your next destination occasion.


Here are the most unique natural wonder wedding locations for 2021:


1. Lake Powell in Utah

Photo by Clane Gessel

This awe-inspiring natural wonder is a major destination spot for millions for good reason. The reservoir encompasses nearly 2,000 miles of stunning shorelines and beautiful mesas that rise up from the desert floor. Given the spot’s notoriety as a vacationer’s paradise, couple Carter and Aileen use the destination location as a unique wedding venue. The entrancing colors and textured elements of the spot make for a backdrop like none other. Expert photographer Clane Gessel implements his artistic vision to help Carter and Aileen make the most of the endless photo opportunities at this special spot.


2. Bamboo Forest in Maui

Photo by Clane Gessel

If you are looking for an extravagant oasis for your upcoming wedding or special event, the bamboo forests of Maui should be at the top of your venue list. The hiking grounds of Maui County contain some of Hawaii’s most treasured nature reserves. Tall bamboo trees line winding pathways that lead to stunning sites such as beaches, waterfalls, and natural ponds. The backdrop options for perfect wedding photography or event photography are endless. Couple Spencer and Lluvia took this idea to the next level. Their wedding plan hit all of the hotspots of this lush venue. A beautiful reception overlooked the peaceful ocean, followed by an elegant celebration with family and loved ones in grassy fields with a stunning view. To top it off, expert photographer Clane Gessel captures Spencer and Lluvia’s infinite bond as they nestle in privacy throughout the tucked-away bamboo tree line.


3. Ice Caves in Iceland

Photo by Clane Gessel

Globally renowned as one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world, Iceland’s ice caves make for another distinctive wedding and event venue that doesn’t compare. The glacial phenomenon is privately owned but is open for public viewing as long as a tour is arranged. And it’s worth the minimal extra planning step in exchange for maximum wow-factor. The cool blue cave walls have a mesmerizing texture that is other-worldly to appreciate in person and in photographs. Photographer Clane Gessel expertly translates the intimacy between couple Elva and Jamyrson while adventuring through this icy wonderland. The modern venue is perfect for those looking for a stunning wedding or event spot that will be treasured for years to come.


4. Safaris in South Africa

Photo by Clane Gessel

Nothing is quite as exquisite as the numerous safari reserves in Kampala, South Africa. The exquisite landscapes offer a unique setting for celebrations and commitment ceremonies alike. You can journey to a reclusive spot in a safari reserve to exchange vows and enjoy a next-day honeymoon adventure on a nearby beach. Or, celebrate a special occasion at this distinctive event venue with a celebration on the beach followed by a scheduled safari tour for your guests to enjoy. The safari reserves are like none other – take it from some of the local habitants of the region, like this giraffe who stopped to congratulate Yael and Christian on their soulful connection while photographer Clane Gessel captures the treasured moment.


5. Mountains in Aspen

Photo by Clane Gessel

A magical mountain getaway is a perfect way to spruce up your wedding or event photos. Colorado’s Aspen Mountain is a natural wonder that offers year-round accessibility. This romantic duo ventured to this stunning spot in Aspen to celebrate their commitment to each other surrounded by incredible fall foliage and beautiful wildflowers. Nature lovers will find infinite solace in this destination venue just as adventure enthusiasts will find endless opportunities for exploration.


6. Cave in Cancun

Photo by Clane Gessel

A Cancun venue might sound run of the mill to some, but the destination location offers more than one might assume. Just below the surface of the vacation paradise is a secret nature reserve featuring incredible rock formations and crystal clear water. While it’s not the most accessible venue location, the spot does provide one of the most uniquely beautiful excursions to celebrate your special day. These underground caves in Mexico are so profound, Season 13 ‘Bachelorette’ couple Rachel Lindsey and Ryan Abasolo exchanged vows in the hidden gem. 


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