USB Memory Direct- Custom Flash Drive Recommendation

USB Memory Direct

Custom flash drives can help set your business apart


With wedding season here, it is time to start stocking up on your necessities. One of my favorite tools that I’ve truly appreciated is my custom flash drives.  They are a staple of mine that I never regret providing for my couples.  Not only does it act as a practical storage tool. It also is a creative keepsake for my couples to remember their big day, as well as something they could share with their friends and family.  With custom flash drives, you’re definitely able to set yourself or business apart from the competition, as well as provide your clients with something to remember your services by.

USB Memory Direct

Custom flash drives can help set your business apart

I personally have been using the USB business cards from USB Memory Direct, which I would highly recommend. The custom flash drives are high quality and extremely innovative. Also, working with USB Memory Direct to get my drives in bulk (which I also recommend) has reached more than satisfactory. They were quick in response and very helpful. When I got my first set of drives, I was skeptical due to the high innovation of a USB in a card but was definitely put to peace after using and delivering them for some time now.


So if you’re looking to set yourself apart from your competition, as well as leave your clients with a keepsake that provides them value. I would recommend giving USB Memory Direct a try!

Article by Clane Gessel Photography

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