The world's best wedding imagery - on the cover of National Geographic

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Clane Gessel is renowned for shooting some of the most iconic wedding images of all time.  He’s taken inspiration from his work with National Geographic to capture every detail of every event alongside his team.  His jaw-dropping images are appreciated and owned by the most exclusive and discerning clientele in the industry.  The images seen here are just a small handful of his curated events across 50 countries, please visit our galleries page to see complete events from start to finish.

“Clane’s museum quality images are meant to be seen on a grand scale.  He turns love into art in a way that’s never been done before in the wedding industry.” 

-Sean Lowe, The business of Being Creative.

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We Are

a group of elite artists

that comprise the world's leading

photo and video studio

based in NEW YORK

and travel worldwide.

We Provide

National Geographic quality

wedding and event imagery

using the fine art discipline.

We shoot true-to-life colors with

unmatched equipment and experience.

We Believe

love inspires,

love has no language,

love is magical, love is timeless,

LOVE is equality,

love is uniquely YOU.

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